Moving from Ubersmith to WHMCS

As many of you knows already, WHMCS has no support for managing devices to monitor bandwidth, for bandwidth billing on dedicated servers and swith port management. This lack of feature  is oftern a drawback for Ubersmith users that want to migrate to WHMCS. Ubersmith Device Manager modules allows admins to do important tasks as bandwidth billing and port management. For this reason we have developed an alternative to this features in our Device Manager for WHMCS modules.

This modules offer and easy way to integrate all your network switch to WHMCS and assign dedicated servers or other network devices to an specific switch port. This allow us to deliver the following:

- Suspension / Unsuspension of switchport assigned to the device
- Bandwidth Charts (Transfer in GB and Bandwidth in Mbps) at client area and admin area
- Bandwidth billing from WHMCS

Get Device Manager for WHMCS today and gain control and utomation over your dedicated servers and colocation clients.

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